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Michael D. Maples , the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency , concurred by stating, in a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, that he believes waterboarding violates Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. The CIA director testified that waterboarding has not been used since In April , the Obama administration released four memos in which government lawyers from the Bush administration approved tough interrogation methods used against 28 terror suspects.

The rough tactics range from waterboarding simulated drowning to keeping suspects naked and denying them solid food. These memos were accompanied by the Justice Department's release of four Bush-era legal opinions covering in graphic and extensive detail the interrogation of 14 high-value terror detainees using harsh techniques beyond waterboarding. These additional techniques include keeping detainees in a painful standing position for long periods Used often, once for hours , [] using a plastic neck collar to slam detainees into walls, keeping the detainee's cell cold for long periods, beating and kicking the detainee, insects placed in a confinement box the suspect had a fear of insects , sleep-deprivation, prolonged shackling, and threats to a detainee's family.

One of the memos also authorized a method for combining multiple techniques. Details from the memos also included the number of times that techniques such as waterboarding were used. A footnote said that one detainee was waterboarded 83 times in one month, while another was waterboarded times in a month.

Physicians for Human Rights has accused the Bush administration of conducting illegal human experiments and unethical medical research during interrogations of suspected terrorists. The detention center has been the source of various controversies regarding the legality of the center and the treatment of detainees. Of these, many have been released without charge. As of January , 45 detainees remain at Guantanamo. The current government of Cuba regards the U.

According to Amnesty International:. It has become synonymous with the United States executive's pursuit of unfettered power, and has become firmly associated with the systematic denial of human dignity and resort to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment that has marked the U. The purported legal status of " unlawful combatants " in those nations currently holding detainees under that name has been the subject of criticism by other nations and international human rights institutions including Human Rights Watch and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Supreme Court ruled in Hamdan v.

Rumsfeld on June 29, , that they were entitled to the minimal protections listed under Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. Foreign nationals are occasionally captured and abducted outside of the United States and transferred to secret US administered detention facilities, sometimes being held incommunicado for periods of months or years, a process known as extraordinary rendition. According to The New Yorker , "The most common destinations for rendered suspects are Egypt , Morocco , Syria , and Jordan, all of which have been cited for human-rights violations by the State Department, and are known to torture suspects.

The Bush Administration identified him as an unlawful combatant and denied him access to an attorney or the court system, despite his Fifth Amendment right to due process. In Hamdi's father filed a habeas corpus petition, the Judge ruled in Hamdi's favor and required he be allowed a public defender; however, on appeal the decision was reversed.

4. The Case for Free Expression

In , in the case of Hamdi v. Rumsfeld the U. Supreme court reversed the dismissal of a habeas corpus petition and ruled detainees who are U. In December , Khalid El-Masri , a German citizen, was apprehended by Macedonian authorities when traveling to Skopje because his name was similar to Khalid al-Masri , an alleged mentor to the al-Qaeda Hamburg cell. After being held in a motel in Macedonia for over three weeks he was transferred to the CIA and extradited to Afghanistan.

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While held in Afghanistan, El-Masri claims he was sodomized, beaten, and repeatedly interrogated about alleged terrorist ties. El-Masri was released at night on a desolate road in Albania , without apology or funds to return home. He was intercepted by Albanian guards, who believed he was a terrorist due to his haggard and unkept appearance. He was subsequently reunited with his wife who had returned to her family in Lebanon with their children because she thought her husband had abandoned them.

Using isotope analysis , scientists at the Bavarian archive for geology in Munich analyzed his hair and verified that he was malnourished during his disappearance. In , U. President Bush signed an Executive order banning the use of torture in the CIA 's interrogation program.

President Bush republican administration "waterboarding" tortured opponents of Muammar Gaddafi during interrogations, then transferred them to mistreatment in Libya. According to Canadian historian Michael Ignatieff , during and after the Cold War , the United States placed greater emphasis than other nations on human rights as part of its foreign policy, awarded foreign aid to facilitate human rights progress, and annually assessed the human rights records of other national governments.

Record" in compliance with a law that requires the Department to report on actions taken by the U. Government to encourage respect for human rights. Ambassadors and human rights and democracy non-governmental organizations.

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The "Human Rights and Democracy Achievement Award" recognizes the exceptional achievement of officers of foreign affairs agencies posted abroad. Under legislation by congress, the United States declared that countries utilizing child soldiers may no longer be eligible for US military assistance, in an attempt to end this practice. Among these is the rejection of sections of the treaty that prohibit capital punishment. As a reservation that is "incompatible with the object and purpose" of a treaty is void as a matter of international law, Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, art.

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At any rate, the United States is but a signatory in name only. Nations that have accepted the Rome Statute can defer to the jurisdiction of the ICC or must surrender their jurisdiction when ordered. The US rejected the Rome Statute after its attempts to include the nation of origin as a party in international proceedings failed, and after certain requests were not met, including recognition of gender issues, "rigorous" qualifications for judges, viable definitions of crimes, protection of national security information that might be sought by the court, and jurisdiction of the UN Security Council to halt court proceedings in special cases.

Judge Richard Goldstone , the first chief prosecutor at The Hague war crimes tribunal on the former Yugoslavia , echoed these sentiments saying:. I think it is a very backwards step. It is unprecedented which I think to an extent smacks of pettiness in the sense that it is not going to affect in any way the establishment of the international criminal court The US have really isolated themselves and are putting themselves into bed with the likes of China, the Yemen and other undemocratic countries.

While the US has maintained that it will "bring to justice those who commit genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes," even though the U.

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  6. The ambassador states that "most atrocities are committed internally and most internal conflicts are between warring parties of the same nationality, the worst offenders of international humanitarian law can choose never to join the treaty and be fully insulated from its reach absent a Security Council referral. Yet multinational peacekeeping forces operating in a country that has joined the treaty can be exposed to the court's jurisdiction even if the country of the individual peacekeeper has not joined the treaty. Where the signature is subject to ratification, acceptance or approval, the signature does not establish the consent to be bound.

    However, it is a means of authentication and expresses the willingness of the signatory state to continue the treaty-making process. The signature qualifies the signatory state to proceed to ratification, acceptance or approval. It also creates an obligation to refrain, in good faith, from acts that would defeat the object and the purpose of the treaty. The US has not ratified any of the other regional human rights treaties of the Organization of American States , [] which include:.

    Studies have found that the New York Times coverage of worldwide human rights violations is seriously biased, predominantly focusing on the human rights violations in nations where there is clear U. When countries like the U. According to Freedom in the World , an annual report by US based think-tank Freedom House , which rates political rights and civil liberties, in , the United States was ranked "Free" the highest possible rating , together with 92 other countries.

    In and , the United States is classified as a "Flawed Democracy" by Democracy Index and received a score of 8. According to the annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders , due to wartime restrictions the United States was ranked 45th from the top in out of , [] 53rd from the top in out of , 44th in According to the annual Corruption Perceptions Index , which was published by Transparency International , the United States was ranked 22nd from the top least corrupt in out of , 20th from the top least corrupt in out of , 17th in , 18th in , and 16th in According to the annual Privacy International index of , the United States was ranked an "endemic surveillance society", scoring only 1.

    According to the Gallup International Millennium Survey, the United States ranked 23rd in citizens' perception of human rights observance when its citizens were asked, "In general, do you think that human rights are being fully respected, partially respected or are they not being respected at all in your country? State Department had previously asserted had lost its credibility by its prior stances [] and lack of safeguards against severe human rights violators taking a seat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Human rights in the United States

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    Political parties. Democratic Republican Third parties Libertarian Green. Other countries Atlas. Main article: Intersex rights in the United States. Main article: Freedom of religion in the United States. Further information: Freedom of movement under United States law. Further information: Freedom of association. Main article: Right of revolution. Main article: Labor rights. See also: Health care in the United States.

    A. The Stolen Valor Act

    Main article: Sex offender registries in the United States. Main article: Police brutality in the United States.

    Understand Free Speech Law in 6 Minutes

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